I Graded this footage for HBO's True Blood 2010 Season 3 campaign. The footage was shot on a REDmx @ 23.98fps and graded in REDCINE-X & Apple Color. I was asked to create two looks for HBO, the client mentioned wanting it really dark and abstract so I introduced contrast for the first look. I then also included contrast and a cooler color temperature for the second look. I delivered the footage back to HBO on HDCAMsr adding pull-down out of FCP to deliver 29.97fps ProResHQ 4:2:2 footage for there Avid system to ingest for editorial & VFX.

Below are some process stills you can see both looks created and a screen grab from Redcine-X of an initial look before grading.

HBO Credits
Producer: Chris Denniston / Cristina Catanzaro
Editor: various
RED Tech: Devin Doyle
Colorist: Colin Travers